What are the use of industrial meat mincers?

Meat mincers have been of great use to us from the time it was created, helping to reduce the effort man had to make to cut and process meat.

Before going fully into the uses of an industrial meat mincer, let’s first look at its definition and the types of mincers that exist.

What is a meat mincer?

It is a kitchen utensil that serves to chop and mince different types of meat.

The traditional mincer consists of a spiral shaft that pushes the meat onto propeller-shaped rotating blades, forcing it to then exit through the holes in a metal plate.

The size of the outlet holes is what will determine the thickness of the cut. That is why it is common for each mincer model to have several options of metal “plate” with different thicknesses.

The meat mincers guarantee a homogeneous size of the meat pieces, preventing the meat from being minced excessively.

Types of industrial meat mincers

Depending on the use that you will give to your meat mincer, the business model and your production needs, you will always have to choose between two types:

Manual meat mincers

They work through the mechanical actuation of a lever-roller, which you have to turn so that the meat goes through the cylinder and the plate.

It is recommended if your production volume is very small, such as in a small butcher shop.

You need both hands to make it work like maybe you need the help of a second person to stuff the gut.

Its maintenance and cleaning are as simple as its operation.

They are very cheap.

Electric meat mincers

Obviously, they are much more comfortable to use.

To start, you don’t need to occupy both hands in it: you load the meat “mouth”, hit the button and you’re done. The motor takes care of the process, and you can have both hands free to work on the sausage or whatever you need.

The electric mincers can have various speeds, and there are even those equipped with reverse gear to avoid any type of jam.

You should keep an eye on the mince’s speed because some of these machines have too much power and can mince the meat too much without that being what you are looking for.

It is interesting that they come standard with plates with different-sized holes or a filler.

Besides, there are models of multifunction electric mincers that, apart from meat, also serve to work other foods such as pasta by extrusion or churros.

Logically, they are more expensive than manuals, but they are still affordable, with which it is relatively easy to buy cheap meat mincers that meet your needs if they are not to chop meat on an industrial and massive level.

What are the use of industrial meat mincers?

We can give several uses to an industrial meat mincer, so we list them in this list:

1. Make sausages and prepare meats

Depending on the type of chop, you get different results:

• The coarse minced is usually used for the preparation of sausages.

• The finely chopped is used in the preparation of hamburgers and elaborations with pressed meat. Read more about the meat mincers uses.

2. Acceleration in production

Meat mincers machines are manufactured to withstand a certain intensity of use that is usually measured by the kilos of meat that can be processed in one hour.

The types of production are:

  • Low production: from 20 to 85 kg / h. Bars and cafes.
  • Average production: 100 to 200 kg / h. Restaurants
  • High production: 200 – 900 kg / h. Delicatessen.

3. Alternate use for different tasks

The use of these mincers can be expanded through various accessories. Here are the most common:

  • Sausages: They allow the preparation of sausages and other sausages.
  • Perforated cutting discs: To obtain different types of meat mincing, such as those mentioned in the first point.

4. Does not mincemeat only

Some meat mincer models can be used to mince other types of ingredients, such as fish or vegetables. This undoubtedly gives them extra value.

5. Guarantee the quality

You can guarantee your customers that 100% of the minced meat you are serving them in hamburgers, meatballs, Russian steaks, etc., is fresh. That will always be an added value to your business and a piece of information you will know.

Different ways to finance a new cafe

Almost all cafes owners enable you to know that the toughest part of starting your business gets it off underneath, to begin. One of the most costly equipment include conveyor pizza oven, kitchen equipment & joinery. Where can you find the finance to get your cafe or restaurant business started really?

Well, the glad tidings are that there haven’t been so many funding options for start-up businesses as you will get today. When using progress of the original, new companies are showing up everywhere, and hospitality is undeniably attaining ground. So where to start out? We’ve collected a few different funding options showing you the many commercial routes which exist for you

Various ways to finance a new cafe

business finance

Credit and LOAN

Loans are one of the extremely soundest ways for smaller businesses to get money. However, they may be a hard way for new cafe to find money. Finance institutions prefer to go to the history of a tiny business earning cash and need to be reasonably sure your company pays from the loan back to them.

However, if you ensure you have a good marketing plan and possess personal belongings you might offer them as guarantee you will be eligible for financing even whether it’s a whole home based business.

Banks offer the next financing to options for your cafe or restaurant:

-Loans: Proclaiming to provide you with a precise amount of credit which is repaid with an agreed plan or via monthly premiums. The interest rates are usually set for the lifespan of the loan.
-Equipment financing: If you wish to purchase expensive equipment for your cafe this can be a wise option.
-Property loaning: Financial loans provided to buy property or land.
-Business overdraft and lines of credit: Permitting you to acquire up to your borrowing limit once you need to. They may be however generally used for regular financing.

Government awards and small enterprise loans

The government has various techniques and initiatives to provide work from home business owners when establishing businesses. The latest politic decision from the government does offer financial loans that happen to be usually provided immediately or through the publicly funded firm. Phoning a small local enterprise can help you administer government financial loans and inform you which financing options are available.

Family and friends

Relying on friends or family for a fund is a popular option for short-term money solutions. That is a choice, however, should be contacted with caution. The straightforward cause of the fact cafe decisions should be based on the explanation and affect those who you have romantic relationships with could run the opportunity of rational choices made.

In the event that you do choose this money option, make certain to truly have a formal written legal doc which discusses your contracts and ensures both people know where they stand.

The great thing about using family and friends as a financing option is that it is likely to be a cheap way to obtain money. However, the hazards that want being viewed will be the emotional response as well as financial. Maybe it’s especially tricky if the individuals you are borrowing from don’t have any business experience.

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Steps for shopfittings to open a new bakery shop

When planning to open a bakery, the best option is to hire shopfitter services. It guarantees a professional service and business owners can dedicate their time to commercial issues. Therefore, when the store is ready, everything will be in place to start winning and offering clients the best service. To guarantee the best results for new bakeries, you can follow these steps:

Client and shopfitter should meet from the beginning of the project. Working together from the beginning of it, helps to better understand how the project will flow. Shopfitters should carefully write down and understand client´s requirements. It is also the perfect time to measure all the space.

Shopfitters should take key contractors such as electricians or plumbers to receive accurate quotes.

After the initial meeting, shopfitters should prepare construction plans and drawings and get approval from the client. Approval should also include budget, estimated time of execution and details about the materials that will be used. To guarantee that both, client and shopfitter fulfill all their obligations, it is highly recommended to sign a contract that describe all the activities and set the conditions and the price. It will help to get both parties protected.

Bakery shops have their own requirements as a business. They are part of the food industry and for that reason they require to be adjusted to many regulations in order to guarantee safety and hygiene. Those regulations should be carefully considered before executing the project. If there are doubts about those regulations, it would be better to consult the municipality in order to obtain all the information. See some of the top bakery equipment for sale.

Usually, a bakery shop has 3 main areas: kitchen, dispatch and exhibition zone and public space for clients to gather and sit down. Kitchen should be as open as possible and have enough space to circulate. For the rest of the bakery, clients may add their ideas about how they want the decoration and bakery design.

As shopfitters coordinate all the works and suppliers such as electricians, plumbers, flooring installers, suppliers and many others, it is better to set only one person to be responsible for the client. It guarantees that both, client and shopfitter can discuss all the details with less trouble.

To fulfill all the requirements, shopfitters should shop around for many options before making the final decision for the materials. It is common that new and better options appear. Better options might go from better prices to smarter ideas to complete the project.

As the project advance, shopfitters should obtain partial approvals from the client. It may speed the project, as the shopfitter is sure about the results.

As the main purpose of a bakery shop is to attract potential customers interested on its food, shopfitter should consider that all the products are properly exhibited. Exhibitors are a key element for this type of business and they should receive all the attention they need.

When the shopfitter completes the project, it should be totally finished and prepared to be shown to the client. The work should present the best finishes and all the works should have been completed according to what was agreed.

Although bakery shops have their own style of business, it is also true that they are all open to please clients and obtain profits. Because of it, shopfitters should always keep that goal in mind to guarantee the best results.

New range of cookware on Petra Kitchenware website

To cook the real and traditional paella, you need the right pan. Petra Kitchenware have been investing over 1 million dollars in the acquisition of new cookware across China and Europe. The group company Petra Group had a focus on large commercial kitchen equipment and commercial kitchen design and fitout. With the new team in place, the company showed their capacity in providing a one stop shop for any hospitality business owners.

This month, the kitchenware team has invested in the following kitchen supplies:

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What to consider when opening a new restaurant

Many companies in the United States and internationally have increased their competitiveness, and there are more and more different types of companies that are being created every day. There are several different kinds of businesses that can be started, some much more successful than others. Business owners must determine which type of business matches their characteristics and skills to be successful.

Ever since the creation of the Internet, many new business owners have begun to create online companies and businesses that promote products from online websites. The world today has completely changed into a new technologically advanced society with incredible advancements in communication, travel, and security. Many of these advanced services can be regulated and maintained through businesses that have been started online.

One of the most common kinds of companies to create includes the food industry. Many brand new restaurants and food businesses are created every year with the hopes of gaining widespread popularity among clients. They introduce new kinds of food, dishes, and specialties that cater to the needs of people who want to have quick and easy meals every day.

Everyone knows how to make the food for the company, but these people sometimes do not understand the process of starting the actual business. Some suggestions will teach people how to create a new restaurant.

New restaurant owners must first select the location for the company, which is probably the most crucial step in opening a restaurant. If you want to be successful, then you have to pick a location where the restaurant will be visible and attractive to many people. Most often there will be other restaurants in the area, and so the location of the restaurants will largely determine which one will be the most successful.

A second crucial thing to do when starting a new food business is to pass the essential food preparation exams that qualify your restaurant to serve food. When this certification takes place, especially with a high and accurate score, people feel safer and eager to eat at your restaurant. All chefs, cooks, servers, and other employees should be certified in their various duties and responsibilities. Restaurant owners need to make sure they have the right restaurant equipment and commercial kitchen designer.

Business owners who would like to open a restaurant should also produce an attractive food selection menu for their visitors. People enjoy knowing what is available to eat and do not want to sort through a mess of information to decide on a meal they want. The menu should be very well-organized and even include a visual picture so that the customers are attracted to the food menu.

Restaurant entrepreneurs also need to obtain the essential licenses that make official and legalize the restaurant. Restaurants can be a lot of fun to own if people know what steps to follow.

Paul Ayyash