What are the use of industrial meat mincers?

Meat mincers have been of great use to us from the time it was created, helping to reduce the effort man had to make to cut and process meat.

Before going fully into the uses of an industrial meat mincer, let’s first look at its definition and the types of mincers that exist.

What is a meat mincer?

It is a kitchen utensil that serves to chop and mince different types of meat.

The traditional mincer consists of a spiral shaft that pushes the meat onto propeller-shaped rotating blades, forcing it to then exit through the holes in a metal plate.

The size of the outlet holes is what will determine the thickness of the cut. That is why it is common for each mincer model to have several options of metal “plate” with different thicknesses.

The meat mincers guarantee a homogeneous size of the meat pieces, preventing the meat from being minced excessively.

Types of industrial meat mincers

Depending on the use that you will give to your meat mincer, the business model and your production needs, you will always have to choose between two types:

Manual meat mincers

They work through the mechanical actuation of a lever-roller, which you have to turn so that the meat goes through the cylinder and the plate.

It is recommended if your production volume is very small, such as in a small butcher shop.

You need both hands to make it work like maybe you need the help of a second person to stuff the gut.

Its maintenance and cleaning are as simple as its operation.

They are very cheap.

Electric meat mincers

Obviously, they are much more comfortable to use.

To start, you don’t need to occupy both hands in it: you load the meat “mouth”, hit the button and you’re done. The motor takes care of the process, and you can have both hands free to work on the sausage or whatever you need.

The electric mincers can have various speeds, and there are even those equipped with reverse gear to avoid any type of jam.

You should keep an eye on the mince’s speed because some of these machines have too much power and can mince the meat too much without that being what you are looking for.

It is interesting that they come standard with plates with different-sized holes or a filler.

Besides, there are models of multifunction electric mincers that, apart from meat, also serve to work other foods such as pasta by extrusion or churros.

Logically, they are more expensive than manuals, but they are still affordable, with which it is relatively easy to buy cheap meat mincers that meet your needs if they are not to chop meat on an industrial and massive level.

What are the use of industrial meat mincers?

We can give several uses to an industrial meat mincer, so we list them in this list:

1. Make sausages and prepare meats

Depending on the type of chop, you get different results:

• The coarse minced is usually used for the preparation of sausages.

• The finely chopped is used in the preparation of hamburgers and elaborations with pressed meat. Read more about the meat mincers uses.

2. Acceleration in production

Meat mincers machines are manufactured to withstand a certain intensity of use that is usually measured by the kilos of meat that can be processed in one hour.

The types of production are:

  • Low production: from 20 to 85 kg / h. Bars and cafes.
  • Average production: 100 to 200 kg / h. Restaurants
  • High production: 200 – 900 kg / h. Delicatessen.

3. Alternate use for different tasks

The use of these mincers can be expanded through various accessories. Here are the most common:

  • Sausages: They allow the preparation of sausages and other sausages.
  • Perforated cutting discs: To obtain different types of meat mincing, such as those mentioned in the first point.

4. Does not mincemeat only

Some meat mincer models can be used to mince other types of ingredients, such as fish or vegetables. This undoubtedly gives them extra value.

5. Guarantee the quality

You can guarantee your customers that 100% of the minced meat you are serving them in hamburgers, meatballs, Russian steaks, etc., is fresh. That will always be an added value to your business and a piece of information you will know.