Steps for shopfittings to open a new bakery shop

When planning to open a bakery, the best option is to hire shopfitter services. It guarantees a professional service and business owners can dedicate their time to commercial issues. Therefore, when the store is ready, everything will be in place to start winning and offering clients the best service. To guarantee the best results for new bakeries, you can follow these steps:

Client and shopfitter should meet from the beginning of the project. Working together from the beginning of it, helps to better understand how the project will flow. Shopfitters should carefully write down and understand client´s requirements. It is also the perfect time to measure all the space.

Shopfitters should take key contractors such as electricians or plumbers to receive accurate quotes.

After the initial meeting, shopfitters should prepare construction plans and drawings and get approval from the client. Approval should also include budget, estimated time of execution and details about the materials that will be used. To guarantee that both, client and shopfitter fulfill all their obligations, it is highly recommended to sign a contract that describe all the activities and set the conditions and the price. It will help to get both parties protected.

Bakery shops have their own requirements as a business. They are part of the food industry and for that reason they require to be adjusted to many regulations in order to guarantee safety and hygiene. Those regulations should be carefully considered before executing the project. If there are doubts about those regulations, it would be better to consult the municipality in order to obtain all the information. See some of the top bakery equipment for sale.

Usually, a bakery shop has 3 main areas: kitchen, dispatch and exhibition zone and public space for clients to gather and sit down. Kitchen should be as open as possible and have enough space to circulate. For the rest of the bakery, clients may add their ideas about how they want the decoration and bakery design.

As shopfitters coordinate all the works and suppliers such as electricians, plumbers, flooring installers, suppliers and many others, it is better to set only one person to be responsible for the client. It guarantees that both, client and shopfitter can discuss all the details with less trouble.

To fulfill all the requirements, shopfitters should shop around for many options before making the final decision for the materials. It is common that new and better options appear. Better options might go from better prices to smarter ideas to complete the project.

As the project advance, shopfitters should obtain partial approvals from the client. It may speed the project, as the shopfitter is sure about the results.

As the main purpose of a bakery shop is to attract potential customers interested on its food, shopfitter should consider that all the products are properly exhibited. Exhibitors are a key element for this type of business and they should receive all the attention they need.

When the shopfitter completes the project, it should be totally finished and prepared to be shown to the client. The work should present the best finishes and all the works should have been completed according to what was agreed.

Although bakery shops have their own style of business, it is also true that they are all open to please clients and obtain profits. Because of it, shopfitters should always keep that goal in mind to guarantee the best results.